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1 treat with excessive indulgence; "grandparents often pamper the children"; "Let's not mollycoddle our students!" [syn: pamper, featherbed, cosset, cocker, baby, mollycoddle, spoil, indulge]
2 cook in nearly boiling water; "coddle eggs"

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  1. To treat gently or with great care.
  2. To cook slowly in hot water that is below the boiling point.


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Coddle is a dish traditionally associated with Dublin, Ireland. It was reputedly a favourite dish of Dean Jonathan Swift and appears in several Dublin literary references including the works of James Joyce.
It consists of layers of boiled pork sausage and streaky rashers (bacon) with sliced potatoes and onions cooked in the stock produced by boiling the rashers and sausages. The only flavoring is usually salt, pepper, and parsley. It is traditionally accompanied by a pint of Stout. Sometimes cream can be added to the dish ensuring a white coddle now more favoured among dubliners.

Alternative meaning

  • Coddling is a method of gentle cooking involving heating foods in water that is just below boiling but does not boil, i.e. the water is a-quiver. For example coddled eggs.
  • Coddle to protect and pamper indulgently and smotheringly, i.e. to "baby" someone. Often this applies to overly loving and protective doting parents.
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baby, bake, barbecue, baste, bay, blanch, boil, braise, brew, broil, brown, care for, caress, cater to, cherish, cocker, cook, cosset, cotton, cradle, cultivate, curry, dandle, devil, do, do to perfection, dry-nurse, favor, feed, fire, fondle, foster, fricassee, frizz, frizzle, fry, give way to, gratify, griddle, grill, heat, humor, indulge, lavish care on, mollycoddle, mother, much, nourish, nurse, nurture, oblige, oven-bake, pamper, pan, pan-broil, parboil, pat, pet, please, poach, prepare, prepare food, roast, satisfy, saute, scallop, sear, shirr, simmer, spoil, spoon-feed, steam, stew, stir-fry, suckle, sustain, toast, wet-nurse, yield to
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